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Damascus: The Capital of Civilizations

A perfect conglomeration of the ancient and the modern, the capital city of Damascus is supposedly the world's oldest continuously inhabited city. In fact, it is this juxtaposition of the old and the new that makes Damascus so compelling. Add to this a host of enthralling ancient sites, vibrant festivals, delectable cuisine, top-notch Damascus hotels, lively entertainment and traditional Syrian hospitality, and Damascus will soon figure among your most memorable holiday spots.

Damascus is a city with a storied history, but still full of life, where street vendors flaunt their wares whilst men in business suits walk past.

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In the newer portions of the city are a number of modern homes, government buildings and posh Damascus hotels, while the Old City of Damascus captivates you with its charming minarets, towering domes and 200 plus mosques rising from the renowned one-story Damascene houses. The older portions of the city are particularly enthralling with their labyrinth of narrow alleys and alluringly secretive doors that open out into lush courtyards and rather blank-faced houses. Many of the traditional hotels in Damascus are amongst these alleys and make for great places to stay in Damascus. You can also use our Damascus map to choose your hotel in Damascus based on its location.

The several historical sites stand testimony to Damascus' rich legacy and heritage, and t hey are ideally visited on a tour of Damascus. A resilient city, Damascus has withstood the occupation of Romans, Greeks, Persians, Christian crusaders and the Umayyad Empire. Among the great highlights and things to see and do in Damascus, the Barada River and the Ghouta Oasis are not to be missed. Also worth visiting are the Biblical sites, the historical Roman gates and walls, the enormous Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, the reputed Damascus University and the Damascus International Airport. Ensure your Damascus hotel is within reach of all these popular sites by speaking with our local team!

The city of Damascus is a significant site for Christianity. The capital of the Aramean Empire in the 11th century BC, its importance stems from the fact that it was where Paul the Apostle accepted Christianity and started the early Christian church. However, Damascus' heyday was during the Umayyad Empire, when it was a flourishing capital. Many monuments built during this time still occupy a place of pride among the Damascenes.

The Ummayad Mosque, reputed as the Grand Mosque of Damascus, is perhaps one of the largest in the world. It was built in the 7th century by the Caliphate Al-Walid I. Set out splendidly with ornate designs and inlays, and covered from wall to wall with plush carpets, it has become almost emblematic of the city. Another prime monument is the Azem Palace. Dating back to the 18th century, it is a typical Damascene house.

To experience modern-day Damascus, take a Damascus tour or head off yourself to the souks. The most famous and largest of these date back to 1863. It is the perfect place to find some great bargains; shop for exotic jewellery, inlaid mosaic boxes, hookahs (hubble-bubble pipes) and chessboards.

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