About Us

Meet your local connection in Damascus, Wahid Ghazal and the team of Ghazal Tours! We are proud to be apart of whl.travel and are thrilled to be on board! Damascus is a culturally and historically rich destination, with different religions living in harmony and one of the safest places for tourism in the world! Syrians are well-known for their unique hospitality to foreigners and travellers, and anyone coming to this destination will be delighted by the four beautiful seasons and also the delicious Syrian cuisine.

Damascus is the oldest city in the world with the traces of many different civilizations. The Ommayyad Mosque, the largest in the world, is famous for its golden mosaics and the relic of John the Baptist. Christian history finds its beginnings here, when St. Paul had his revelation on his way to Damascus. The Old Souks, Saladin's Tomb and the National Museum are a must for anyone who visits Damascus! Feel free to ask us any questions or for any recommendations as you plan your trip to this incredible destination!

Meet the Team

"I wanted to serve my country that I love very much by raising the standard of services provided in the society."

Meet your local connection in Damascus: Mr. Mohamed Rustom, partner managing director. Been in the travel & tourism business since 1964. He is one of the pioneers in the industry, having been a member of board of directors for the Tourism and Travel Association for over 20 years since 1980, and a teacher at the institute of tourism in Syrian for 5 years.
Mr. Wahid Ghazal,Partner director of Ghazal Tours. After receiving his Master's Degree in the USA in 1977, Wahid returned home to Syria in 1979 and entered the field of tourism in a very difficult time his country was passing at this time. However, despite the situation of the country, the tourism industry slowly until finally Ghazal Tours became one of the top 5 tour operators in the whole country. Besides discovering the whole world and seeing the different kinds of global cultures, Wahid likes dealing with people of all kinds of mentalities, and getting to know how people think and react in different levels of society. In his free-time he enjoys tennis, swimming and reading.

What We Do

We offer our incoming groups cultural and religious tourism in Damascus, where there are so many religious and historical monuments to see. Our motto is that "we keep an eye on your comfort" from door to door, and pay attention to every detail, to keep our customers returning. We offer operate charter flights for incoming tourists.

As many parts of the world have wrong ideas about Syria economically, culturally, politically, and socioeconomically, we are proud to be able to show travellers the real, true side of Syria and are happy to be able to meet and work with people from different nations working the same field for the same goal.

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions as you plan your trip to Damascus. We are your local connection!