Damascus Local Events

There are a number of exciting festivals, celebrations and events in Damascus throughout the year that make a great time to visit. You may need extra planning if travelling during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan as some restaurants close during the day, and some shops and offices have different opening hours. However it can be a wonderful and lively experience, especially during the final three days of the Eid al-Fitr. Find out the latest news and Damascus events below.

Syrian International Rally: This is a three-day car rally held by the Syrian Automobile Club in June. The cars are flagged off at Damascus and head out around the country.

Al Qalaa wal wadi Festival: Held in July-August, this popular festival is attended by many of the locals. The highlight of the show are the international dance and music artists.

Damascus Film Festival: This is held in November at several cinemas in town and at the Omayyad Conferences Palace.

Al Badya Festival: Held annually in the town of Palmyra, within the Syrian desert, the Al Badya festival features fours days of entertainment ranging from horse, camel and car races to music and theatre shows.

Silk Road Festival: Taking its name from the route that was used for centuries to transport silk from China to the Mediterranean via Syria, the Silk Road festival is a commemoration of the crossroads of culturesand civilisations that the silk commerce brought about. It is held every September in Syria, touring key cities such as Palmyra, Damascus and Aleppo.

Bosra festival: Held in the Syrian town of Bosra, the site of some the most spectacular Roman ruins in the world, the 10-day Bosra festival showcases musical, dance and theatre groups from more than 20 countries.

Jazz Lives in Syria:(Aug) Growing in popularity every year and held simultaneously in the Damascus and Aleppo Citadels, Jazz Lives in Syria features six jazz evenings in each city. International performers, music workshops, concerts by local musicians and a one-day event designed to introduce children to jazz music through games and short performances are all on the programme.