Transportation in Damascus

Damascus is easy to get to with regular international and domestic flights, buses and trains. Once you arrive, getting around is best done on foot. Although there are also taxi's, micro buses and vans if you need them.

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Travelling by foot is the easiest and perhaps the best way to explore Damascus. In fact, that is probably the only way to get acquainted with the Old City.

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You will find our Damascus Transportation Guide useful for getting to and around this historical city. Taking one of our Damascus tours is a great way of getting around, seeing the sights, and learning about their extensive history and culture. We also have some useful travel information for getting to and from Syria in our Syria Transportation Guide.

Damascus Transportation Guide

Getting to Damascus

By Plane

Damascus International Airport
Tel: (011) 444 3400.

The Damascus International Airport is situated about 18 miles (30 km) to the south of the city. The arrivals section offers a host of services like car hire, tourist information office, ATM, a 24/7 currency exchange office, car hire, Internet access and bar.

A dual carriageway connects the airport to the city, allowing you to get to the town in a matter of about 30 minutes. From 6 am to 11pm, at regular half hour intervals, airport buses leave for the town. Outside the terminal, you will also find yellow taxis. The prices for these are fixed; whether you are hailing one directly or buying a taxi ticket within the airport, it would cost you the same. Internal flights are available to Aleppo.

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By Train

Trains ply regularly to and from Damascus. The service between Damascus and Aleppo is pretty good.

By Bus

The white microbuses and the blue and white public buses are not very expensive. However, they tend to be extremely crowded and the routes are usually written in Arabic. Once you reach Damascus, you'll find that the bus network is quite strong. From Amman, Jordan, there are buses that leave for Damascus regularly.

Getting Around Damascus

During peak hours, usually from 10 am to 4 pm, walking is the best way to get around. In fact, in Old Damascus, it is the only way to go places.

Renting a car may prove to be a bad idea as Damascus is notorious for its traffic jams, especially during summer. Moreover, finding a parking lot is almost always impossible, especially in the busy areas. However, this is not the case in the suburbs.

By Micro bus

Micro buses or servees are a popular means of transport in Syria, including Damascus. The route taken is written on the roof in Arabic only. Generally, micro buses do not stop at fixed points, only at very busy spots. If you want to get on to a bus, simply hail the driver with a gesture. These buses prove to be a cost-effective means of transport-journeys within the city should cost you about 10 Syrian pounds (roughly about 20 American cents).

Wherever you want to travel in Damascus, you will not have to change more than one or two stops. Passengers are quite obliging here- pass on a coin to a passenger and he will most willingly give it to the driver and pass the change back to you. But do remember to give details like destination and how many people you're paying for.

By Taxi

Taxis are a common and popular mode of transport in Syria and since there are so many around, you can easily find one. The taxis operated by Star Taxi, a relatively new private company, tend to be more expensive than the normal ones. However, they are much safer and even more comfortable. To get a Star Taxi, place a call to their headquarters and they will arrange to have the nearest taxi at your door.

Some taxis have a number on the roof sign and the logo of the Damascus Governorate on the side. These are generally metered; it's best to make use of these taxis only if you're hailing one on the street.

By Van

Van services are another great way to travel within the country. You can get in and out whenever the van has slowed down enough.

Visa Formalities

Before you enter Syria, make sure that you get your visa ready. The procedure required varies from country to country; make sure you check the details by consulting a reputed travel agent. Also, while you’re getting your visa ready, be prepared beforehand—you will require to pay an amount towards the airport departure fee.

If you’re travelling by land and are counting on getting a visa at the border, bring along a stash of US Dollars or other currency. This can be exchanged for Syrian pounds in the official exchange office at the border. Remember that Syria does not have any services for debit/credit cards. Moreover, unlike many other tourist spots, Syria does not accept traveller’s cheques.

Airlines Top

Emirates Airlines
Mazee Highway
Tel: (+963) 11 9934
Fax: (+963) 11 6190780
Fardoss Street Damascus, P.O Box 49
Tel: (+963) 11 2222662
Fax: (+963) 11 2215897
Fardoss Street
Tel: (+963) 11 2236001
Fax: (+963) 11 2450368
Abou Roumaneh Street
Tel: (+963) 11 3344235
Fax: (+963) 11 3344242
Turkish Airlines
Al Tajhiz Street
Tel: (+963) 11 2115767
Fax: (+963) 11 2212268
Royal Jordania Airlines
29 May street Damascus
Tel: (+963) 11 2322014
Fax: (+963) 11 2322019
Tunis Air
Al Muhafaza square, Damascus
Tel: (+963) 11 2248887
Fax: (+963) 11 2316821
Iran Air
Maysaloun Street, al Muhandessein Bldg.
Tel: (+963) 11 2226431
Fax: (+963) 11 2217911
Port aid street Damascu. p.o. Box: 417
Tel: + 963 11 168

Airline Top

Malki - Al bizem street
Tel: (+963) 11 3790840
Fax: (+963) 11 22360013790821
Air Arabia
Maysaloun street, Al-Muhandessein Bldg
Tel: (+963) 11 2322533
Fax: (+963) 11 23497681
Quatar Air
Abou Roumaneh in front of Meridien hotel
Tel: (+963) 11 3326083
Fax: (+963) 11 3310021
Kwait Airways
Fardoss street
Tel: (+963) 11 9899
Fax: (+963) 11 2219166
Gulf Air
Maysaloun Street, Al- Muhandessein Bldg
Tel: (+963) 11 2221209
Fax: (+963) 11 2450369
Egypt Air
Al Hijaz street
Tel: (+963) 11 2240164
Czech Airlines
Fardoss street, Damascus
Tel: (+963) 11 2222214
Fax: (+963) 11 2245757
Argentine Street
Tel: (+963) 11 3310000
Fax: (+963) 11 3317880
Hungarian Airlines
Fardoss Street
Tel: (+963) 11 2227944
Fax: (+963) 11 2216666
Cyprus Air
29 May street Damascus
Tel: (+963) 11 2324513
Fax: (+963) 11 2324854

Private Taxi Company Top

Tel: (+963) 11 9207