Old Damascus Area

When walking in the cobbled streets of Old Damascus, you will find numerous structures each 70 years in age or older.

This area was resided since Roman times for example Via Recta Street or Straight Street. Old Damascus is where numerous religions thrived alongside one another; a perfect example to this is when one approaches the Bab Sharqi (a 2 millennia aged gate) he will find a Mosque minaret on the right and Church's minaret on the left of the gate!

The last contemporary era was the Ottoman Era; therefore, structures such as souqs and khans ( traditional markets in Arabic),  boutique hotels such as Shahrayar Hotel, Albal Hotel, Al Pasha Hotel, Damasco Hotel, Hanania Hotel, Al Zaytona Hotel, and Via Recta Hotel, narrow alleys, and much more that illustrate life one century ago. Because such structures are very well preserved, one will not a need a time machine to relive this ancient experience!

There are numerous restaurants serving Damascene and occidental dishes, galleries with great local art works, and museums with marvelous relics pertaining to local history. The environment in Old Damascus is sensational one; one will simply adore the aromatic scent in the spice market.

The below picture is for the Al Azem Palace, the residence of an influential former ruler called As’ad Pasha Al Azem. 

Al Azem Palace